Astera Pixeltube
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Astera Pixeltube

Astera’s Wireless Pixel Tube is a revolutionary lighting tube which can operate for over 12 hours without any cables or wires. With an Astera remote control the Tube can be easily managed, separated into multiple pixels or synchronized with other Astera lighting objects. The Pixel Tube is designed to be inserted into design objects like balls, tables, tiles etc. For large-scale event decoration, several tube lights can be programmed together to display complex lighting structures and create stunning ambience lighting.

Astera’s Wireless Tube Light is a professional LED light component. The 40″ long tube can be divided into 8 pixels which each can display mixed RGB colors. The easy wireless lighting setup makes this product ideal for lighting designers and other creative people who want to integrate colorful LED light into their works.

The wireless event light can be controlled by Astera’s Remote Control, Wireless DMX transmitter or Multi LED controller when planning a bigger setup. Together with other Astera Wireless LED decoration great setups of events or lighting design projects are possible as long as the items stay within its 1000ft distance. In addition, over the Wireless DMX transceiver, the Wireless light tubes can be integrated into professional DMX lighting systems.

The LED tubes are can be hung at ceilings, hidden under furniture or placed inside translucent objects. For that, Astera can deliver a range of decorative items as well as strong clips. Because the cordless LED tubes are light, have multiple mounting options and do not require cables, a whole new range of LED lighting design possibilities have become available.

This cordless lighting system is especially practical for LED event lighting purposes to do stage light or LED event decoration. Because of the easy installation and multiple color adjustment, amazing LED color effects can be easily created and can leave a lasting impact on the audience. Even if used frequently, this wireless lighting solution does not require much maintenance, the batteries are rechargeable and will last 500-1000 recharging cycles which will become necessary after lighting for 8-24 hours.

Because of the excellent features, Astera’s Wireless Tube Light is also suitable for any situation which requires interesting and beautiful lighting. Be it in a room, club, shop window, exhibition or hotel, this wireless LED light decoration makes a wonderful ambience light solution. Even for ambiguous home projects, the Wireless LED tube is well-suited. Place it on your shelf, under the table or in the corner on the floor. You can realize your own lighting style and make your house the scene of a sophisticated ambiance lighting the LED wireless remote control.

The Decorative LED Tube supplies wonderful colors because it operates with RGBW lighting for multi-colored pixels. The different program features (brightness/flash/strobe/fade/smooth) can be changed and programmed by user selectable colors. It also allows individual light shows. It has 20 patterns, each pattern with four color channels and can reach 250 billion effects. You can program it as you see fit to find unlimited combinations.

Astera’s Wireless Tube Light owns perfect performance. It’s easy installation, low power consumption, mixed color beam, uniform lighting, long distance and long operation life makes it the perfect choice for many operations.


Illuminants: 128 high-brightness bullet LED (32xR, 32xG, 32xB, 32xW)
LED Power: 16W
Beam Angle: 120 degree
Pixel: 8
Battery: Built-in Li-Ion battery for 8-24h of operation
Working Voltage: 110-240V, 50/60Hz
Wireless Module: USA version: 902-928MHz / 1000ft Range
DMX Capabilty: W-DMX with Astera Wireless DMX Transmitter ART1
Housing: Plastic
Dimensions: L100cm x H4cm x W4cm (L39.3” x H1.6” x W1.6”)
Weight: 0.788 kg (1.73lb)
Environment: Indoor & outdoor (splash-proof)
Extras Gamma correction, temperature compensation, color calibration
Power supply unit
Suitable Applications: Under table lighting, effect lighting, furniture lighting, object illumination, built-in installations, event lighting


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